The Heritance
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Jason Kucel / Mr. Randolph

Though new to the Grotto stage, Jason is already a proficient actor, most recently seen in the Karol Wojtyla Drama Club presentation of Pride and Prejudice in the role of Mr. Darcy. In his musical debut, Mr. Kucel takes on the role of the evil baseball team owner, Mr. Randolph, who, after losing his wife, loses his faith in everything, and is determined to make the lives of everyone he meets just as miserable. Obsessed with money, Mr. Randolph overhears young Johnnie mention an inheritance of gold and is determined to aquire it himself, but meets an unexpected obstacle in young orphan girl. Can she soften his heart before it's too late?....


Richard Palmer / Johnnie

In his theatrical debute, Mr. Palmer takes on the role of Johnnie, a poor young man who was orphaned at birth and returns, 20 years later, to the orphanage where he was raised to receive an inheritance that was left to him. But, while lost in the streets of Chicago, searching for the orphanage, Johnnie meets Mr. Randolf, who speaks to him of a life of luxury, leaving Johnnie to determine which is more important: gold, or love.


Mary Rose Maher / Annette

Born in California, Ms. Maher has been around entertainment media most of her life. Returning after her role as Angelina in Palla Eius, Mary Rose plays Annette, the sweet, lovable fianceé of Johnnie. Though eager to begin her life with Johnnie once they've collected his inheritance, Annette finds herself caught up in the middle of the fight for the gold, trying deperately to remind Johnnie that there's more to life than money.


Joseph Kucel / Slugger

Renowned for his one-man dramas in Greek, Latin and English, along with other acting credits, Mr. Kucel is also a proficient pianist. After receiving rave reviews for his performance as Peter VerHaughe in Palla Eius, Joseph returns to the stage as Slugger, the home run hitting star of the Tennessee Terrors baseball team. But when the team's owner, Mr. Randolf, enlists Slugger to help him steal Johnnie's gold, Slugger feels he must help...or else say goodbye to baseball forever.


Paige Pilarski / Suzie

In her first major role on the Grotto stage, Ms. Pilarski plays Suzie, the prissy, fashionable girlfriend of Slugger, who is dragged into the plot to get the gold by contriving a friendship with Annette. However, the girls quickly become friends, causing Suzie to regret her decision to help Mr. Randolph.


Felicia Teeter / Sister Maria

In her first musical production, Ms. Teeter takes on the role of Sister Maria the lovable nun who has a special friendship with Little Miss Catherine, a sickly orphan. So strong is their bond, that Sister Maria is prepared to go through great pains to try to save Little Miss Catherine's life.


Catherine Pilarski / Little Miss Catherine

Having made her theatrical debut as the daughter of George and Angelina in Palla Eius, six year old Catherine takes on her first major acting role as Little Miss Catherine, a young orphan, bound to a wheelchair. Beloved by all at the orphanage, Little Miss Catherine is especially close to Sister Maria, and just might hold the key to soften Mr. Randolph's heart.